Shoulder Pain

Shoulder problems are one of the most common complaints seen at our office. These conditions are often frustrating for patients as they may receive different diagnosis. Successful treatment depends on determining the true cause of your pain. We provide a thorough orthopedic and soft tissue assessment to come up with the true cause for your pain and then determine the best treatment for your condition.

Common shoulder problems include: rotator cuff tendonitis, bursitis, impingement syndromes, A-C joint separations, osteoarthritis, and instability problems. In chiropractic, we often find that problems in the neck or cervical spine are actually the true cause of pain in the shoulder region. Irritation of nerves in the neck refer pain to the shoulder and arm and are often misdiagnosed unless a full spinal examination is performed.

Treatments for shoulder disorders usually involve soft tissue therapy, mobilizations, spinal corrections, ultrasound and electrotherapies, and rehab exercises. In our experience full success in shoulder disorders must include appropriate exercises and home care.