Physiotherapy Tech

Pain Changes Everything. We Can Help.

Physiotherapists are movement specialists, highly educated in physical function, rehabilitation and prevention. Their advanced knowledge helps you recover from injury, keep you moving well as you age and prevent injuries from returning.

Physiotherapy treats a wide variety of conditions and injuries with many different techniques, including instruction in home exercises so you can feel empowered to take control in managing your condition. Gym ball and body rolling ball programs are great home programs. Other techniques include mobilisationposture programselectrical therapyultrasound, and kinesiotaping.

Our Physiotherapist Mary Lynne Jones uses many hands on techniques including DNS, craniosacral therapy, and sensory integration which are unique compared to other clinics. She has a passion for pediatrics and seniors as well as treating chronic pain. She likes to teach self treatment techniques so that clients can learn to help manage recovery. Her vast experience and courses in joint and muscle rehab, DNScraniosacral therapy, and sensory integration all combine to give you an individualized and unique physiotherapy experience you will enjoy.

Working with her husband, Dr. Stephen Jones D.C. for many years, gives Mary Lynne a great understanding of how Chiropractic and Physiotherapy can work well together towards common client goals.


Monday     10am-1pm and 3-6pm
Tuesday         1-7pm
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